Our Story

Hello and welcome to Mama's Guava Bars, a small Wholesale Bakery specializing in unique guava pastries, owned and operated by Alejandro DeZayas and Agustin Guardiola. Fresh out of college, we both had one dream in mind, to start up our own business. Using mother's recipe, we saw that this was unique product and could thrive in our hometown of Miami, FL. Together, we handcraft “Guava Bars" that are cut into bite-size pieces or packaged into individual bars which consist of guava pulp between 2 shortbread-type cookie crusts with walnuts, cinnamon,or chocolate chip almonds baked into it. We also have a flavor that has no nuts or toppings. Mama's Guava Bars are a sweet, crunchy bar that will leave your mouth craving for more!! Our customers like to indulge in our bars in many ways; with coffee, ice cream, as a breakfast snack, mid-day snack, energy bar, party platter, and the list goes on. We are an up and coming company that is excited to share our products with the community!!